2 Things I Found Interesting About A Drone With Live Feed Camera

drone with live feed camera

I mean literally, you have to be willing to jump in the air and get hit with something that can be a lot of miles away from you. Trust me, I know what it’s like to have an adrenaline rush as I’m flying over land. I love it. It’s a feeling I’ll never forget.

People Do It For Fun And Profit

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Now imagine being so afraid of a drone that I wouldn’t even take a picture of it. Would you do it? Well, most people would, some people would do it for fun and others would do it for profit. There are a ton of people out there that earn a living by putting those cameras on moving objects. I am not one of those people, although I would love to own one someday.

The only problem I ever had with a drone with live feed camera was the operator. It took a while for him to align himself with the object to get a good shot. This was quite frustrating because I had already gotten used to the camera moving and everything else. I needed someone that knew what they were doing. If you have this ability, then great. If not, please read on to find a solution.

I Discovered A Few Things When I Got My First Drone

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The first thing I did was to ask the operator questions to see how experienced he was. I wanted someone that had taken a drone before. I figured this would help me determine whether or not they were going to screw up my video.

One way you can avoid getting messed up when you’re using a drone with live feed camera is to ask the operator questions while they are still in the air. Have them explain a little bit more about what they are doing. Don’t let the operator to take over the process. The best thing to do when using a drone is to let the operator to take control. This will help you see if you are getting a good shot, especially if you are not familiar with the area you are operating in. Also, if something does go wrong, you won’t have someone flying around trying to fix it.

View From The Drone Can Be A Little Strange

I also found that sometimes the view from the drone can be a little strange. When the object moves out of the camera’s view you get a lot of weird stuff floating in the air above you. For example, sometimes one of the few birds that were flying around before you got the drone will come up and land on you and stay there. This is definitely not something I want to happen! I suppose if I was doing an indoor operation, this wouldn’t be a big deal.


That’s basically it. There are a few other things that I wanted to mention, but I thought that I’d just give you my two cents on the matter. Hopefully this will be helpful to others who are thinking about getting one of these things for the first time. Just remember to be safe when operating them, and don’t operate within their line of sight. That’s really all there is to it.

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