3 Facts Regarding DRL – Drone Racing League

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Before we delve into the more detailed information relating to Drone Racing League or DRL, we should know about the history of the league now more than ever. It was founded in 2015 and then launched in 2016, January. It is broadcast on OSN, Group AB, Fox Sports Asia, Sky Sports, NBC Sports, NBC, and Twitter. The ex-partners of the DRL were Disney XD and ESPN.

DRL Founder and CEO Nicholas Horbaczewski claim that at its core, the company is a technology organization. According to him, it was vital to ensure the fact that when we watch a pilot win a race, it’s the best pilot, not a person flying the fastest drone. They had to keep the playing field leveled. In this writing, we are going to know about drone racing and the league to fulfill your curiosity.

Definition of Racing Drone

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FPV or First Person View is a competition of drone racing where several pilots control the drones that are equipped with cameras.

The pilots wear goggles that show the live video feed from the cameras of the drone. So, the pilots feel as if they are really flying from sitting inside the drone.

The ultimate goal of this drone racing is to complete the complicated race course as fast as possible. Of course, the pilot needs to be ahead of other racers in the heat.

The competitions are organized in stadiums all over the world along with the pilots who are flying their drones virtually in the realistic drone racing simulator or DLR SIM.

Definition of Drone Racing League

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The worldwide professional property for drone racing for the elite pilots is called Drone Racing league or DRL. The pilots compete in the most intricate physical and virtual races via racing drones that are customized built and can go 90 miles per hour.

During the separate rounds of semi-finales, there are twelve pilots divided into two groups who compete against each other. The quickest three competitors of each group go into the finals.

Intertwining the real with the digital, the league delivers immersive content, visually exciting races throughout the world on different networks like Facebook, ProSieben, Sky Sports, and Weibo. The Drone Racing League also produces innovative drone technology.

5th Season of World Championship

The 5th season of DRL 2020 is the new playing field where they own the new reality as there is no distinction between real and virtual. This will surely test the cunning skills of digital athletes.

The racing takes place through fourteen DRL SIM events where a dozen players will compete in an engaging video game of drone racing. The race was launched on 23rd September on XBOX.

The best players navigated through the high speed, custom-built, DRL Racer 4 drones. They were flying FPVs through neon-bright and complicated tracks and captured the most thrilling flying content.


In this piece, we have depicted how virtual reality merged with actual reality via Drone Racing Leagues. If you are one of the digital players, then maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about competing in this exhilarating event.

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