5 Best Drones for Beginners

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There are plenty of drones available that can be used right out of the box without any prior knowledge of how to fly, but what good is that if they’re not built to take a little abuse? This guide will go over some of the best Drones for Beginners on the market.!List of Drones for Beginners are.

1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator $34.99


The Holy Stone Predator is an excellent micro quadcopter for beginners and very popular with “first-time flyers”. Whilst it’s not the best camera drone (it has a 0.3MP camera) you can pick one up for well under $40, making this our top choice for beginners who want something cheap to learn on! The 6 axis stabilization system makes this super stable for flying indoors and outdoors in windy conditions, whilst its size (43*43*7cm) makes it perfect to control without worrying you’re going to crash into anything/one! The lights are bright enough that they can be seen in daylight and the range of the controller is around 30-50m. The detachable 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po battery takes around an hour to charge and gives you around 6 minutes flight time per battery, which can be swapped out using a USB charger (not included). If you’re looking for your first drone or just something cheap for fun then this is definitely worth picking up!

2. Hubsan X4 H107C Quadcopter $49.99


The Hubsan X4 107C is one of the best mini quadcopters currently on sale and perfect as an introduction to the hobby with its low price tag and extremely stable flying characteristics due to it’s 6 axis gyro. It has a 4 channel 2.4GHz controller with 4 different speed modes allowing you to start off nice and easy and then move up the gears as your skills improve and it features a 0.3MP camera that can take photos or record video at 720p resolutions, perfect for those wanting to try out aerial photography/videography without spending too much! The battery gives around 7 minutes of flight time per charge which is more than enough for beginners as this little drone is very stable in flight and difficult to crash. Not only this but Hubsan do replacement parts such as blades and motors should you damage them through crashes which keep costs down. With LED lights flashing under each arm it’s also easy to keep track of where it is during FPV (First Person View). If you’re a beginner looking for a cheap quadcopter to practice on or just for fun, this is definitely worth considering!

3. Hubsan X4 H107L $34.99 

The Hubsan 107L features the same 6 axis gyro as the Predator and runs on 4 AA batteries but with its small lightweight design, it’s perfect for indoor flying without any wind knocking it off course! It only has 3-speed modes compared to the Predator’s 4 however they are still more than enough to give you time to practice your flips and advanced tricks, whilst having low speeds helped out when learning how to hover. The 300mAh battery gives a flight time of around 5-7 minutes per charge and takes 40 minutes to recharge which is pretty low considering the amount of flight time and power you get from it. It also features a 2MP camera which is perfect for those wanting to start practicing photography and videography without spending too much or those who just want a cheap quadcopter to fly around for fun!

4. Holy Stone HS160 Shadow $59.99

The Holy Stone HS160 Shadow has an excellent 16 minute flight time, which is double that of most micro drones, however it’s still light enough at 69grams (2.43oz) to carry around in your pocket! This makes it perfect for flying indoors as well outside on windy days; we all know how annoying it can be when the wind dies down and you want to keep flying but can’t because you don’t want to risk breaking something. The 6 axis gyro which comes with this little drone gives it an ultra stable flight and it can perform flips, rolls and tricks once you get used to controlling it however the range is only around 50m due to its lightweight but that should still be more than enough for flying inside/outside. It has a built-in 0.3MP camera which records video at 640×480 resolutions however we would recommend buying a better one if you’re serious about taking photos or videos as the image quality isn’t fantastic; we would recommend this great alternative.

5. Cheerson CX-10 $12

The CX-10 may only have a top speed of 11mph (18kmph) but it’s great for beginners as it features 3 different speed modes which will give you time to get used to controlling it however once you do, you can change the speed mode which makes the CX-10 fly much faster; this is done by flicking a switch underneath where your fingers are when holding the drone. Though this little quadcopter only has an approximate flight time of 5 minutes per charge (the battery takes 30 minutes to recharge) and tends to drift in flight (lose its position), due to its lightweight design it is perfect for flying indoors! The propellers are also very small meaning that you have fewer things to worry about breaking during crashes so even if you do break something, parts are cheap and easy to replace. The Cheerson CX-10 is one of the cheapest and best micro quadcopters we have reviewed and we highly recommend it!

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