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5 Fantastic RC Racing Drone Models Best For Drone Racing

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You may have seen this in the news, that drone racing has now become a popular, fun hobby. And for these races, you will need an RC racing drone, which is usually known as racer drones for FPV drones. Flying these fast and highly maneuverable drones requires a lot of skills. There are numerous RC racing drone models available in the market, and it might be difficult for you to find the best RC racing drone. To make it easy for you, here is a list of selected models of RC Racing drones with some tips for a better understanding of drone racing.

Overview Of Best RC Racing Drone Models

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The information below is all you need to know about these top-rated RC racing drone models, including their essential features and specifications.


  • Country: United States
  • Price: 545$
  • Release Date: 2018

This RC racing drone is the first commercially available from the limited series that pays homage to the DR1. The device has a durable and light build with a high resolution of 600 TVL camera and Fatshark 101 controller shipping. Larger 3″ and 5″ versions of this highly anticipated drone are also available.

X-Speed 280 V2

  • Release Date: 2017
  • Country: China
  • Price: 319$

This RC racing drone has a carbon fiber design. This device also features ARRIS S 2205 2300 KV brushless motors along with the HD FPV 700 TVL and X-speed. Also, while using this device, a drone pilot can easily switch between manual and self-made modes with a transmitter flight controller, i.e., Radiolink AT9S. 

Inductrix BL BNF Basic

  • Country: China
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Price: 169$

This FPV racing drone can be a perfect choice for beginner drone pilots. It is available to you at relatively affordable prices by offering Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope(SAFE) technology. This device also features the Meow mode that will help return the drone to an upright position after a crash.

2018 GT R530

  • Country: China
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Price: 225$

The 2018 GT R530 is an excellent addition to the highly-regarded RC racing drones by Diatone. It features edge racing 2306 2450 KV brushless motors. And it offers you a durable and light design and consists of composed carbon fibers that allow it to be a reliable, quick RC racing drone. 

Wizard X220S

  • Country: China
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Price: 229$

This model of RC racing drone is fast and maneuverable, and it also features an integrated FPV system. This system allows you to get better control while operating the racing drone at fast speeds of 95 km/h.


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This information about models of RC racing drones might be helpful for you while choosing the right one for your drone racing. Get your hands on the best of its model based on your specific requirements.

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