5 Uses For A Phantom Drone Camera

phantom drone camera

The Phantom Drone is a high-tech surveillance and imaging device that can turn a boring, gray backyard into a high-security area complete with fake “sensors” that will catch anything or anyone out in the act. It looks and acts like a real camera, but it isn’t – and you probably won’t see it coming. It is highly effective in deterring criminal activity, even if a false sense of security might cause you to make an error. This can be a very good choice for many home, business or even industrial applications, and is just one of the many uses for a Phantom Drone. Take a look at some of the other applications below.

Outdoor Sports

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We’ve all seen them: there are people out there just flying around a field, catching everything from birds to wild animals in their sights. What they are likely not watching are the infrared cameras mounted on top of their vehicles. These cameras can be set to record whatever is caught on tape, which makes it perfect for catching someone in the act. It can also be programmed to zoom in and out to ensure that only specific areas are viewed. If nothing is found, it zeros out and takes note of it later.

Security Patrols

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Whether you’re working in a major city, or in the middle of a rural community, having remote-controlled eyes and ears everywhere you go can be useful. The next time you’re out and about, don’t just expect that someone will spot you – let them. Put your Phantom Drone in front of your car, on a busy street corner or anywhere that could give you cover to watch for suspicious activity. If nothing shows up, simply keep recording. Using a Phantom isn’t like having an eye in the sky, it’s much more intuitive than that!

Public Safety

If you’re running a business or a nonprofit organization, using these devices can be very valuable. Even if you don’t think it’ll be used for private purposes, it never hurts to be prepared for an unforeseen need for monitoring your premises. For instance, have you thought about how you might use the information to stop a crime from happening? This can happen right in front of your store – or at any other location – without you ever having been there to notice the event.

Surveillance Over Campus

Is your college or university surrounded by a high tech surveillance system? Have you heard of a new trend where small cameras attached to light poles are pointing at various parts of the campus property? If so, you’re not alone. This is a relatively new trend on college campuses and has become quite a hit with organizers of events. They’re hoping to catch a thief in the act, or at least make it look like someone is there.

At Trade Shows

Does your company have a booth at a large convention center? Are you hoping to catch some thieves in the act of stealing your clients’ identities and moving on to the next job? This is a growing issue at trade shows and other large gatherings. Employing small spy cameras that can be remotely operated, is a great way to catch those who are here to scam on your business.

Private Property

Is your neighbor’s lawn a nice green area? Don’t you think it would be nice to have some sort of security protection for your home or your yard? Well now you don’t need to be a landscaper or a lawn care professional to know how to protect yourself. All you need to do is to install a wireless camera system that will allow you to keep an eye on your neighbor’s property even when you are away. You will be able to use this camera to watch for anyone breaking a rule, or even for things such as excessive noise. The phantom camera will pick this up and report it to you to the authorities.


As you can see, the uses of a phantom drone camera are pretty wide and varied. This amazing new technology doesn’t come cheap, however. It can cost you up to $3000 to buy a system that will record and film your entire home. If you need to save money however, or if you just want to try out one of these systems before spending money on the more expensive options, then this could be a great option for you!

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