6 Coolest Drones For Beginner Level Photographers

A airplane that is flying in the air

A drone refers to “unpiloted aircrafts” We can also call it “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs).” These crafts are meant to do an impressive range of tasks, military level operations to a simple package delivery are ranged for the DRONES. Different types of cool drones are capable of different heights and distances.

  • Very close-ranged UAVs are capable of traveling up to “8 km”.
  • Close ranged UAVs have a range of “40 km.”
  • Short ranged UAVs have a range of “150 km
  • Mid-range UAVs have a range of “650 km,” and it is used for scientific studies and research work.
  • Long ranged drones are also called “endurance”; these ranges are beyond the 400-mile range and 3000 feet up in the air.

Very Close Ranged Coolest Drones

A plane flying in the air

These drones are most likely to be used by photographers, videographers, and explorers. These drones are the coolest of them all because these drones have a good quality camera attached.

 DJI Air 2s

A plane flying over a field of grass

This is the best dorne placed at no.1 position. 

  • Price range: Under 2400$
  • Camera resolution: 20MP
  • Range: 8kms-12kms
  • Flight time: 31 minutes

Reasons To Buy This:  

  • Large 1-Inch sensor 
  • Small and lightweight

Reasons To Avoid

  • No adjustable aperture
  • The controller isn’t foldable

 DJI Mini 2

This is the coolest drone for beginners, and now it’s available with 4K powers.

  • Price range: Under 1100$
  • Camera resolution: 12MP
  • Range: 10kms
  • Battery size: 2,250mAH

Reasons To Buy This   

  • Incredibly compact size
  • Simple controls and app

Reasons To Avoid

  • No ‘follow me’ mode 
  • Pricier than Mavic Mini


DJI Mavic Air 2

This cool drone offers great value for hobbyist fliers.

  • Price range: Under 1400$
  • Camera resolution: 12MP
  • Range: 10kms
  • Battery size: 3,950mAH

Reasons To Buy This

  • Very easy to fly 
  • It shoots great 4K/60p video 
  • Strong 34-minute battery life

Reasons To Avoid  

  • The camera feed sometimes stutters
  • No screen on the controller

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

This cool drone is a premium drone.

  • Price range: Under 1200$
  • Camera resolution: 20MP
  • Range: 8kms
  • Battery size: 3,950mAH

Reasons To Buy This

  • Excellent foldable design
  • Advanced yet easy to fly 
  • One-inch 20MP sensor

Reasons To Avoid

  • Noise is a problem above ISO 100
  • No portrait shooting option

DJI Mavic Mini

This drone is a compact and handy device, and it’s a good pick for beginners who don’t need 4k video.

  • Price range: Under 900$
  • Camera resolution: 12MP
  • Range: 4000 m (FCC); 2500 m (SRRC)
  • Battery size: 2,700mAH

Reasons To Buy This

  • Smart, collapsible design
  • Incredibly stable video capture

Reasons To Avoid

  • No 4Kor 60fps 2.7K video
  • No object tracking

Ryze Tello

This drone provides a straightforward flyer that’s affordable and fun.

  • Price range: Under 300$
  • Camera resolution: 5MP
  • Range: 100m
  • Flight time: 13 minutes 

Reasons To Buy This

  • Responsive flight controls
  • Lightweight and compact

Reasons To Avoid

  • Choppy video transmission
  • Unstable in wind


You can buy these amazing coolest drones from Amazon at very reasonable prices. Make sure you check all the specifications of the product before you buy them.

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