A Drone Racing Dubai Is A Very Popular Racing Competition

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With the increasing technology, do you know that drone racing is popular? Drone racing Dubai is a very popular racing competition. Many candidates participate in it from all over the world. Dubai hosted a world drone Prix, world championship, etc., for drone lovers. The giveaway prize to the winning team is $250,000 approx. This competition tests the speeds of the drone and the pilot’s agility to handle the drone. This is also a very popular racing competition. International drone racing association Inc. handles all these types of events. This was founded in 2015. This covered a worldwide drone racing competition. The main people who handle it are Justin Haggerty and Bonnie Haggerty-Lester. Major events organized are drone racing series 2017, challenger cup 2017, and world drone pix 2016. Dubai has developed the best park for drone racing, which gives the best experience to all drone lovers.

Dubai’s Popular Drone Racing Is The Dubai Drone Prix

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Drone Racing Dubai is very popular in Dubai and across the world. Participants all across the world get entry into this competition. In the year 2016, Dubai drone Prix 800 participants came from all over the world. This is a very popular drone competition. This also gives the biggest financial profit to the UAE government. This was first held in 2016 and also became very popular in the first year. This racing competition is generally done on Friday or Saturday, and finals are done at night because night can enhance the beauty of the competitions.

Dubai Gives The Best Support To Drone Start-Ups

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Dubai is starting a new scheme named drone x challenge. This Supports all the drone manufactures and those who do research and invent a new one in their field. This also provides help regarding a design, develop and demonstration.  The drone which is finally selected through this firm gives them prize money to do well. Dollar 100,000. Every year many people submit their drone profile in their place, but only the one best reaches the award. There is also one type of drone racing in Dubai.

Teams participating in drone Dubai competition

Many teams participate in this drone racing Dubai. All over the world’s best drone developers come and participate in this racing. This racing competition is to enhance the confidence of the participants. They can easily compare the drone to other drones, and they can increase the quality of their drone by making the changes. In the 2016 Dubai drone Prix won by a British team, 15-year-old child Luke Banister won $ 250,000. Ages don’t matter to participate in this racing competition. Anyone of any age can easily participate in this racing competition.


Drone racing in Dubai is a very popular sport. Everyone comes to Dubai to participate and watch this great competition. Many different types of drones participate in this competition. You can truly see the different levels of technology taking place in the competition. Different mindsets, designs, and structures can be seen in this competition. These drones are very stylish and powerful.

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