A Fun Quadcopter For the Young at Heart

yuneec q500 4k typhoon quadcopter drone

The Typhoon Q500 is arguably one of the most compact quadcopters on the market today. It has all the features you would expect from a small, easy-to-control indoor/outdoor quadcopter. Simply, the ultimate value for money 4K system, the included Android smartphone controller means faster set up and no longer need to bring your cell phone to a local store to capture stunning 4K video. Best of all, perfect for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike, the Typhoon Q500 can be flown by anyone with absolutely no previous experience in electric RC flight. You will need no training to fly the fully-featured Typhoon Q500, and you can start flying in no time at all, thanks to its robust, stable flight envelope.

Yuneec Q500 Is Compact And Lightweight

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Like all the other Yuneec products, the Q500 is exceptionally compact and lightweight. It features a fully motorized flight mode allowing even novice electric RC pilots to operate and learn the basics of flying efficiently. Ideal for indoor use, the camera can be locked onto a target and focused on just one particular area for amazingly smooth indoor flights. Super easy to control, the Typhoon Q500 will allow you to concentrate purely on your flying without the distraction of your camera being switched off, which is ideal for quick first flights and practicing.

Built-In Camera Is Superb

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As well as the excellent flight characteristics, the built-in camera on the Typhoon Q500 is also capable of great photography. Ideal for those who like to take pictures of various landscapes, the camera offers complete control over shutter speeds, focus, aperture, and even flash. A specially designed camera bag is included in the package to ensure your camera remains firmly placed on the drone. The built-in remote control allows the user to steer the quadcopter in any direction manually and even flip it over for preferred shots. This adds an extra element of fun to the photography experience.

This Quadcopter Is Easy To Control

The majority of the reviews of this quadcopter state that they are easy to control and easy to fly. The controls offer an easy-to-understand scheme and are extremely responsive when pressed. It is also suitable for beginners and advanced hobbyists alike due to its simplicity and user-friendliness. The weight is just 2.6 lbs, which is relatively light for such a large aircraft. It is also very stable and steady, which means it is perfect for indoor use. For those wanting to fly outdoors, it is also compatible with most remote control helicopters.

Final Words

The Yuneec Q500 series of quadcopters makes it a fun option for people who learn how to fly airplanes. It is easy to operate, and with the included manuals, it is possible to get off the ground quickly. This is a perfect indoor option for those interested in creative fun without ever leaving the safety and comfort of your house. For the serious hobbyist, there are several options in this exciting range.

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