A Great Mini Remote Controlled Airplane For Children

brookstone mini drone

The new bookstore mini drone quad copter is the best for your little one to learn how to fly a remote-controlled airplane. Designed with both kids and adults in mind, this product is very user friendly and is fun for both children and adults. The built in battery will last for up to 12 hours of use giving you plenty of time to practice your skills or relax and watch the sun go down.

Mini Remote Controlled Airplane

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This product comes complete with all the components needed to get airborne like the radio transmitter, goggles, receiver, and battery. The goggles will help to keep the remote-controlled aircraft from wind sucking your eyes away. There are many great features that come with the mini-drone, including a built in micro processor that gives the most commands possible for the camera. The built in HD camera can be hooked up to your TV for a larger view.

Built in speakers will allow you to listen to your favorite music or let others know about the flying fun you are having. No more interruptions due to the noise. You can also connect the propellers to the radio so you can communicate with others on the ground or above you. This is important for anyone that might want to follow you or know your location while you are flying. Using the bookstore mini remote controlled aircraft with its unique technology, you can get the most out of every flight.

The best feature of the mini remote controlled aircraft is its built in rechargeable battery. You don’t have to spend hours with an electric drill on the ground. Recharge your battery in less than 2 minutes and you are ready again. This is a great feature for almost everyone who wants to start flying RC vehicles.

Different Models Available

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Many people love the design and want to fly the bookstore mini remote controlled aircraft as soon as they can. If this is the case, you will be happy to know that there are many models available. There is a smaller model for those just getting into the sport or those who simply want to fly from a safe indoor location. Then there is the larger model, which offers a lot more maneuverability and can be flown into larger areas with less maneuverability.

You will also be interested to know that this type of mini remote controlled aircraft is ideal for beginners. Its easy to learn how to use this type of product because of the built in guidelines that come with the package. Once you have mastered the basics, you can begin flying with this unique toy. It is also a great gift idea for someone who likes to learn about different types of models and RC vehicles.

Durable And Versatile

Although the bookstore mini remote controlled aircraft is specifically designed for kids, it is not something that should be limited to that age range. Even adult beginners can enjoy flying this durable and versatile product. Although it does tend to be heavier than the smaller versions, it is very stable. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to get in on the action but needs to learn how to handle a small, more delicate aircraft. When you purchase this item for an adult, you will also be able to enjoy the fun and excitement of watching the children as well.


If you would like to buy your child this type of mini remote controlled aircraft, you may want to consider a toy delivery service. The great thing about this option is that it will allow you to help teach your child about the importance and fun of taking care of their new toy. If you want to see how a new addition to your family is doing, you can simply send them out with a brookstone mini drone and learn all about how this amazing new addition to the family is doing. No matter what type of toy your child has just purchased, you are sure to find an entertaining way for them to enjoy it.

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