A Guide to Purchasing Quadcopter Drone Kits

quadcopter drone kits

There are several different quadcopter drone kits available on the market today. Some of these are very creative, others great, and lots of which are simply a waste of funds. In this article, I am going to discuss the different choices you have and how they may not work for you. It is important to realize that these machines do not all share the same flight capabilities. This means that you will want to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Different Types

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The first type of quadcopter drone kits out there is the “normal” type, which basically is just the frame with some type of propeller mounted on it. This is the easiest option and can be done without any additional hardware. However, this is probably the slowest type of kit as well. You can expect to get about a hundred dollars for this type.

Next is the “propeller flying” kits. These are the most popular, and the highest quality kits that you can get. This means that you are getting almost full control over the type of flight you get. The problem with these is that they are the most expensive and also take the longest to fly. It can take up to fifteen minutes to get the quadcopter drone kits up in the air, so you might not have time to learn how to fly one of these if you are interested.

RC Quadcopter

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The last choice is the “remote controlled” (RC) quadcopter. This is where you will be able to control the actual quadcopter from a more distance. These are the preferred choice for most people because they are easy to learn to fly, and you can often find ready to fly RC packs online that come with all the necessary hardware and software. The great thing about these is that you can be flying multiple drones at once and have more than one motor running at the same time. This saves you tons of money and makes it easier to move from one quadcopter to the next without slowing down the overall flight time.

The starter kits are available in two different types: battery operated and electric. The battery operated ones tend to be the cheapest and can be purchased separately from the other two kits. The electric ones tend to cost a little more, but have a much longer range, and typically are sold together. Both of these kits should be equipped with a good quality battery for a beginner’s RC experience.


Each of the quad copter kits that we are going to look at comes with their own propellers. Some of these come with propellers already preinstalled, while others will need to be purchased separately. All of the stores that sell these items will indicate which of these props are required. It’s always best to buy a complete package, which will include the complete hardware, as well as the propellers and their installation.

The remote control or software for these unmanned aerial vehicles are all included in most of the kits that are sold. Most of these kits come with a complete set of software that can be used to fly the quadcopters. Although some of these may include additional software to enhance your experience, it is usually a simple plug-n-play type of set up, and can be learned in a matter of days. Most beginners should find this easy to do, as most models come with a complete guide to guide you through the process.


Each of the kits has a complete remote control system included in it. Most use a standard size box, with built in control leads, batteries, and channels for receivers. You will also find that all of the drone models that come with propellers and a transmitter have a built in frame that is similar to a radio-controlled model, except it is powered electrically and uses carbon fiber or other lightweight material as its framework.

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