Beginner Drone Racing Kit

beginner racing drone

Drone racing has become one of the hottest trends amongst the youth today. Many of these professional drone racers build their drones themselves but if you do not want to go through the headache of getting into the technical details, then we have very good quality racing kits available in the market.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying A Drone Racing Kit

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Frame Size: Frame should be of good quality with a light that is quite powerful and yet very light. The lighter your frame, the better your drone can perform in the air. A 12 mm frame is ideal if you want to fly your machine indoors. But for racing, you will need a bigger frame to accommodate a powerful motor.

Frame Layout: The cosmetic design of the frame affects how the drone looks and also plays an important part in giving the frame particular aerodynamic features. The basic frame layout designs are H Frame, X Frame, and Stretch Frame.

H frame: This one is very spacious which makes it easy to build on. Mounting extra components like GPS modules become easier because of its spacious frame.

Stretch Frame: In this frame, the front arm stretches a bit more to solve the problem of the motor coming in the field of view of the FPV camera.

Freestyle or Racing: A drone meant for only freestyle flying differs from a drone which will be used for racing against other FPV drones. The models and the requirements are quite different.

Frame Weight: Ensure that your frame weight is ideal to give an effective and powerful race. Your propellers should be compliant with your frame weight.

These and certain other factors are necessary while choosing the correct drone racing kit for your drone racing adventures. Here we have listed some beginner racing drones.

M3 Sponge Mounting Pads

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These mounting pads are made from 100% High-quality Rubber that is used for vehicles and remote control toys. They are super light, anti-static and shock-absorbent. A pad’s size is about 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, while the weight is 0.1kg with 100mm thickness. You get 100 M3 Mounting Pads in one package. The frame is not included.

Mini Helicopter with Led light

Every kid and kid at heart will surely have hours of fun flying this helicopter. This one is easy to operate just turn on the switch and place your hand under the helicopter to make it fly. This can be played indoors and outdoors. The USB charging makes it easy to charge anywhere. So, hurry up and grab your products now!

GPS Drone with 4K HD Wide Angle Camera

This Professional Foldable Drone has a 4K HD, 90° ESC, 120° Wide Angle Camera that guarantees ultra-clear, excellent performance imaging. It comes with Built-in GPS and it has precise positioning for a worry-free flight. It has a smart battery design and a real-time battery display. This drone has a smart, foldable design so it is easy to carry. It is a perfect drone for professionals and even for beginners. So, hurry up and grab this amazing drone now!

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