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Best Drone Racing

Drones, the remote-controlled toys that fly in the sky, are not just a mode of entertainment now. Drones have entered a great platform of competition all across the globe through the introduction of Drone racing. But, the drones used for personal uses or commercial uses are not suitable to be used in racing competitions. So, for this, special racing drones or quadcopters are being designed and developed to participate in the exceptional racing events. Drone racing has a great scope in the future, and so, the drone community is working hard to produce more drones that will be efficient enough to incorporate all the requirements and aspects of drone racing.

Drone Racing

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Drone racing is also a sporting event in which they use professional and high-quality drones for achieving high speeds and balance, and longer flying time. They are distinct from the basic drones that are readily available in the markets. The racing drones are not only professional but also expensive. It is the users’ choice to decide whether they want to develop a racing drone of their own or spend a few more bucks and buy a read-to-fly drone either from any online merchant or from stores.

Buying A Ready-to-fly Racing Drone

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Buying a readymade drone available on online sites or offline stores is considered a safe and convenient choice for the racers. Purchasing a drone by paying extra is suitable for the racers who are not comfortable building their drones. So, they find it better to buy a professional racing device specifically for races and loaded with features that help them compete. But, there are certain drawbacks associated with the read-to-fly drones used for racing competitions. They include a lack of customization and readymade drones that do not have scope for customizations or modifications in their features.

The users need to adjust to the predefined features of such drones. So, it is necessary to understand the requirements and other crucial aspects well in advance to avoid buying a drone that might compromise your winning probabilities in the competition. The benefit of assembled drones is that one can use them instantly or as a last moment option. Few popular readymade models of drones are-

Hubsan X4- for beginners

Arris X-speed- for the intermediate or moderate category

Luminaire- for the professional racers

Building Your Racing Drone

Building a racing drone is a complicated task, as it involves lots of technicalities and requires precision. If you want, you can design a racing drone of your own by using specific components and parts to create powerful electric motors and other primary elements that will make your drone a successful one. An advantage of building your drone is that you can easily do customizations to your drone whenever you feel. One can add certain special features, or you can even remove a component or even replace the parts to enhance your drone performance. Drone building is a challenging process, but it is fun, and you get to know a lot of useful information about the working of drones and the various technical aspects that are related to it.

Types Of Racing Events

1.) Rotocross

In this particular race, the number of drone participants can be two or more, and they need to cover the track assigned in the competition. This race has a time constraint, and then they calculate the time taken by every drone for completing the course, and then the winner is declared. The pilots of these drones control them from a distance, and they wear VR goggles or lenses that help them to watch a live stream of their drones so that they can easily manage their drones even from a distance. Rotocross is a popular Drone racing event.

2.) Drag races

These racing events are the most interesting and easy one. Drag races mainly focus on the acceleration abilities of different drones along with their highest achievable speed. There is a linear track of around 100 meters in drag races that each drone has to try to cover at a higher velocity than its opponents. In this type of race, the drone’s weight and the power of the electric motors played a vital role.

3.) Time trials

Time trial drone racing is similar to the Drag race, and the difference lies in the fact that there is a note made about the time of all the opponents that they take to complete the track, and then the drone and the pilot with the fastest lap time is declared the winner.

Popular international racing leagues

1.) Game of Drones

2.) Aerial Grand Prix

3.) RacingFPV

4.) MultiGP

5.) Flight Club


Drones are fun to use, whether it be for commercial use, professional use, racing, or for entertainment. Drone racing has a great potential to encourage talented young minds to take events like drone racing with enthusiasm and contribute to the growth and global recognition of drone racing.

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