Drone Phantom 3- A Drone For Beginners

Drone Phantom 3- A Drone For Beginners

The drone phantom 3 is one of the very well known standard-sized quadcopters. They are used in film making and majorly in aerial photography. Aerial photography is a newly emerging technology that has come into existence solely because of the invention of drones. This particular drone is a standard and basic model made by DJI for beginners in aerial photography. It comes with a high-quality camera, batteries, and a remote controller.

Quadcopter Flying on the Skey
Drone Phantom 3- A Drone For Beginners

Controlling Drone Phantom 3

You can control the drone phantom 3 using the custom-built DJI GO app for the drone. The app is available in the Apple store for ios users, and Google Play for Android users. The drone has its WiFi network, which connects to the mobile device. More details of the control features and the app is available in the user manual.

Key Features Of Drone Phantom 3

The camera can record a 2.7k video with 12 megapixels. The drone has a 3-axis gimbal fitted to the camera for steady, blur-free pictures. Drone Phantom 3 also has an in-flight battery with a 4480mah battery. As a result, the advanced power management keeps the battery up for 25 minutes and sometimes more. While you shoot, the WiFi video downlink is carried out. You can stream the video live even during recording with the help of apps. A range extender to WiFi is available with the remote controller for extended WiFi coverage. It makes the flight control secure and safe. It connects, computes and communicates flight data that are critical to the flying of the aircraft in real-time.  

Flight Controller Of Drone Phantom 3

The Drone supports different flight modes for optimized conditions for the flight. The return-to-home option is available on the flight. You can activate it when the signal is lost or when the pilot instructs the drone to return. It stores flight data in real-time. It has an LED indicators installed under two motors and under two rear motors for indicating the location of the aircraft.

Aircraft Specifications

The total weight of the drone aircraft is 1216 g. The maximum ascent speed is 5 m/s and descent 3m/s. The tilt angle is 35 degrees. Above sea level 6000m is the maximum ceiling. Other features include angular speed 150 degrees and flight time 25 minutes.

Man Holding Quadcopter Drone With Controller
Drone Phantom 3- A Drone For Beginners

Pros And Cons

The price of the drone is under $1000. Now that this is phased out, there are chances of getting a good deal out of pre-owned ones. Furthermore, the Phantom 3 professional gives a decent 4k with up to 30 frames per second. Also, it has a 2.4 GHz frequency which covers from 4-5 km. The Phantom 3 series have better GPS connectivity and failsafe RTH facility.

Cons of drone phantom 3 include the lack of a controller with a built-in screen. You can access anything that you have shooted in your drone, simply using your mobile phone or tablet. You will need a large screen phone to control the functions of your drone in this case. The new one in the phantom series does not have this drawback. Other cons are the bulkiness of the device and low battery life.

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