Drone Quadcopter Parts – A Few Tips To Build Your DIY Drone

drone quadcopter parts

Although radio transmitted aerial vehicles have been around for some time but, they achieved significant popularity with commercial drones. The invention of GPS systems on drones has opened up multiple worlds for passionate individuals. Making a drone can be a complicated process with all the available information and the different parts we need. But we are going to make it simple for you. So, here we will discuss the drone quadcopter parts you need to make your DIY drone. 


Just like any other electronic device, a drone also needs a frame to house all its components. But before it, you need it to consider the weight, size, and material of the frame. Most drones need a strong, light-weight, and power distribution board (PDB) for an absolute and easy build. Remember, a strong frame provides character and uniqueness to your drone. It also protects the electrical components while flying. So, a frame is one of the essential components of drone quadcopter parts.


Since you’re making a quadcopter, you need four motors to run the propellers. You can easily find a variety of quadcopter motors available in the market in different price ranges. We suggest you go for the moderately priced ones as they provide you with the stability you need. While purchasing motors, remember you need fast motors that can rotate at a steady speed and receive a constant voltage.

Electronic Speed Control

An electronic drone

Electronic Speed Control (ESC) controls the rotation speed of the motors. For a quadcopter, you need four individual electronic speed control connected to each motor. You can directly connect the ESC’s to the battery either through a wiring harness or power distribution board. Many ESC’s also has a built-in battery eliminator circuit (BEC), which allows you to power your flight-control board and radio receiver. ESC’s are very essential for your drone quadcopter parts as they control motors and set their precise speeds.

Flight Controller Board

The flight controller board is arguably the most essential component of your drone quadcopter parts as they control everything. The flight control board has sensors like a gyroscope and an accelerometer that controls the rotation speed of the motors. We suggest you go for an affordable one with durability and strong functionality i.e. Hobby Power KK2. With Hobby Power KK2, you can easily control a hexacopter or a tricopter in case if you want to experiment.

Radio Transmitter and Receiver

A drone flying in the sky

The radio transmitter and receiver helps you to control your drone. In the case of a quadcopter, you at least need 4 channel controllers with Hobby Power KK2 FC board. We suggest you use a radio transmitter with 8 channels. So, you won’t have to buy transmitters for your future projects. Remember, a radio transmitter is very important when it comes to drone quadcopter parts.


For your quadcopter, you need 4 propellers, 2 “normal” propellers rotate anti-clockwise and 2 “pushers” rotate clockwise. Normally you will find “pushers” propellers labeled as “R” after the size. Your drone’s dimensions will set the size of your propellers. You can find a variety of propellers according to your required size and price range.

Battery And Battery Charger

You need LiPo batteries for your quadcopter, you can easily find them in different sizes and configuration. People generally use 3SP1 batteries, which indicates 3 cells parallelly. Remember, large batteries can affect your drone’s weight, swiftness, and speed. For your quadcopter, we recommend you a 3000mAH LiPo battery. The Charging Process of a LiPo battery can be a little complex because multiple cells should be charged and discharged at the same time. We suggest you, IMAX B6 AC balance charger since it is affordable and reliable. 

So, these are the drone quadcopter parts you need to make your own DIY drone.

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