Drone Race Video Going Viral

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First Person Video drone racing is a sport, where the drones are equipped with a camera and the racers using the drone controllers have a mounted display on their heads. The mounted display shows the live stream of the drone race video from the camera of the drones. Like all other races in the world, drone racing has a set course, which is supposed to be covered as early as possible to become the winner.

Organizations Conducting Drone Racing And Creating Drone Race Video

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  1. Drone Racing League (DRL): It is a league for elite pilots. Pilots are invited from all over the world to take part in DRL’s global racing circuit. The drone race videos are then filmed and later broadcasted on sports channels like Sky Sports, ESPN, NBC, etc. DRL merges the reality and the digital world with the most innovative drone technologies, thrilling races, and appealing drone race video content.
  2. MultiGP: They organize drone racing events internationally. Apart from racing events and competitions, they also organize casual events and free-fly public gatherings.
  3. Airspeeder: Organise drone racing events in remote locations internationally. Along with drone racing, they are the world’s first to organize a manned electric flying car. These carriers are named “Speeders”.
  4. Free Space Drone Racing: The drones used here are the most powerful racing objects ever built. It is therefore named giant drone racing as the drones are big. The drone race videos are then filmed and later broadcasted on sports channels.
  5. International Drone Racing Association (IDRA): They organize multiple drone racing events throughout the world.
  6. FPV Canada: As the name suggests, they organize racing leagues in most major cities of Canada.
  7. Rotorcross (ROX): They are Australia’s one of the largest clubs which organize drone racing. Even participants with minimal skills can participate in the weekly racing events which it holds. Pieces of training and casual events are conducted.
  8. U.S. National Drone Racing Championship: Here, every drone racing league takes place in more open areas with minimal obstacles for flying.

Technology Used To Capture Drone Race Video:

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The pilots can only see what the drone sees is the literal meaning of FPV (first-person video) flying. The live streaming video from the camera mounted on top of the drone accomplishes FPV flying. A radio typically (2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz frequency, or 1.3 GHz for distant transmission) transmits the image to goggles or monitors worn by the pilot. The radio is the key object which connects remote control, drone, and goggles allowing effective control and transmission of signals with sufficient speed and reliability. You can avail of FPV goggles on the market prices as low as $40 to those of fine quality at $800. The more you spend on goggles, the more and better features you get. 

Some of these features listed below include: 

· receiver diversity 

· digital HD video 

· a wide field of view (FOV) 

· head tracking 

· multiple frequency settings 

· DVR (digital video recorder) recording functionality

· band settings. 

For the pilot, goggles are a necessity. In general, a drone can be brought up to a race, but most competitions and FPV drone racing leagues have enlisted certain criteria to meet for a drone to compete in a race.

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