Falcon 2 Pro Quadcopter Drones Ability And Capacity

falcon 2 pro quadcopter drone with camera

Falcon 2 Pro quadcopter drone is featured with a video camera system. So, people have preferred this drone mostly for its gentle attitude and powerful capacity. Falcon 2 Pro Quadcopter drone is in demand because of its attractive features. Many people have many quarries about drones, and there are many types of drones available in the market. Falcon 2 pro quadcopter can be a great option for you. This drone is very attractive from the outside; it is also powerful enough with its capacity. So a Falcon 2 Pro quadcopter drone is a good option, especially for younger people.

This drone is featured with a VGA camera, which has 360 flips tricks quad techniques, a 3 MP video recording system, and an auto-return to control with 480*640 resolution. This is the best option for sky riders. Not only that, but the camera has two options (photo and video) also. There is a 6-axis gyroscope and two types of speed controlling system (high and low). SD card slot, 2.4 GHz remote control system, 4-channel direction control are included in the device. Moreover, the controlling distance measures 150 feet from the ground level. A LED navigation light and DC battery power are featured in the drone, and the battery is a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The total charge time of this drone is 40-50 minutes and the operating time is 6-8 minutes. The dimension of this drone is 13.78 inches*13.78 inches*3.35 inches. You need to include 6 AA batteries for remote controls, a 4 GB micro SD card, and a card reader also. You need a USB cable, 4 replacement rotors, screwdriver as well.

More Facts About Falcon 2 Pro Quadcopter

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One exciting feature is you can pair the drone to the remote easily. If you are unable to perform flip tricks, you need to check the speed settings, and the remote can adjust it. The average time of flying is nearly 6-8 minutes, but it depends on the speed and maneuvers performance. This drone is famous among the people, and it is easily available in the marketplace. You can get this drone from the offline store as well as online sources. Sometimes, companies are offered discounts for online shopping. This drone is amazing with its different specifications. You can make your drone flying again, after a minimum charge. Further, this drone is durable. So, don’t hesitate to choose the Falcon 2 Pro quadcopter for buying.


Falcon 2 pro quadcopter is best for photographers and videographers. Many professional photographers choose this drone for their works. Capturing an excellent view of any land from the sky becomes very easy with this drone. The unique part of this drone is that you can take this drone anywhere with you. Travelers like to choose this drone to take the best view of the ground from the sky and hold the memories of their adventures journey. This drone is most preferable for its attribute.

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