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The races from here on will let the pilots have an experience they will never forget and the skills they acquire are definitely top class. There are three types of drone racing.

They can be single flight, multiple flights or land landing competitions. In order for pilots to gain more experience they must complete one course first before they can proceed to the next. Most drone racing courses have different types of aircraft they can use and the choice usually depends on the skill and flying ability of the pilot. These courses also vary in terms of their difficulty, so if you are a beginner you can start with easy and then as you progress you can try harder courses.


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First off there’s the single-seater drone racing course. On this course, the only limitation is the pilots’ imagination. The course uses only a transmitter and a radio so as to facilitate remote flying. They are not allowed to use heavy materials or large propane tanks in this race. They are provided with a helmet that has a range of about 200 meters and this helmet has an inflatable mask which reduces the visibility of the pilot and allows him to stay below the aircraft. The course is available for both beginner and advanced pilots since it’s easy to maneuver and there’s no danger in crashing.

The second type of drone racing courses is multi-seater racing. In this course the only restriction is the weight of the pilot. This can either be a battery powered machine or an electric machine.

Landing Competitions

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The third type of drone racing courses are landing competitions. On these courses the pilot must be able to handle the craft while it touches down. Landing with a propane gas vehicle is not permitted. Instead, the pilot must use battery powered landing gear.

The four-seater RC helicopter racing is also one of the most popular types of drone racing courses. This can either be a remote flying or the one that glides. The four-seater is similar to the remote flying vehicle since they both need a transmitter and a radio to work. However, the glider has a much longer flight time than the remote one which is only useful for short flights. The landing gear on these vehicles are different because they don’t have landing wheels.

Amateurs And Professionals

The fifth and last is the racing class which is open to both amateurs and professionals. These races are meant to test the racer’s technical skills and physical endurance. To qualify for this race, you must already have at least level 40 wings. It takes a lot of experience and a lot of practice before you can actually be certified to participate in these races.

If you want to participate in drone racing competitions, you must be aware of the rules and regulations first. You should also prepare your flying vehicle and practice it until it is ready for the competition. Aside from those, you should also follow all the instructions given by the organizers to successfully win.

The Virtual Or The Real

Once you are done practicing, it is about time that you will start the actual competition. There are actually two types of races; the virtual or the real. Virtual ones are more challenging, since you will not know what the other pilots are doing. However, if you are using an RC flight simulator, you will easily get the hang of controlling the emitter, transmitter, and receiver.

The next step is to complete the obstacle course. It is important to use the same type of obstacles to ensure an even competition. The obstacle course consists of a tight track where the drone race aircraft fly through multiple sets of obstacles, such as tunnels, hoops, bridges, and several others. The race starts when the aircraft touches down on one of the obstacle strips, which trigger an audio-visual startup message.


If you want to become one of the best drone pilots in the field, you have to practice often. If you are a newcomer to the flying sport, you can pick up a training program provided by various racers who are preparing for the races in your area. As soon as you feel that you have learned all the fundamentals of the craft, you can then challenge your friends to see who is the best racer in the region.

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