How to Get Good Use From Your Mini UFO

mini ufo drone

The mini UFO is a revolutionary new infrared induction interactive drone, that allows the user to control it in a very natural way. It uses infrared light, and no assembly is required. It can be folded up like a small box and flown by two persons on a small RC quad-rotor, or one on each side of a larger, stationary Ufo. The mini UFO is ideal for indoor and low visibility applications, as it is both simple to deploy, and fun to watch.

This mini ufo is similar to many other remote-controlled flying toys, such as the dragonfly RC heli, or the dragonfly RC plane. It can fly in all directions and is a great indoor/outdoor RC toy. Many remote-controlled flyers, such as the dragonfly RC helicopter, are capable of flying indoors, but these are heavier models and require assembly.

Mini UFO Drone

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The mini drone is much lighter than its counterparts. The first production model weighs about 90g. This is made possible by the use of carbon nano-tube technology. Carbon nanotubes are extremely lightweight and have been compared to “peanuts” by some professionals. They have also been compared to chocolate in weight, although that comparison does not actually make any sense, as nothing has ever flown from chocolate, nor will anything fly from carbon nanotubes.

One of the main differences between the mini ufo drone and the other remote-controlled flyers is that it is very easy to assemble. You simply unfold it and set it up. You do not need any extra equipment to successfully control this toy. However, if you are going to fly it indoors, you may want to invest in some additional equipment to be able to “feel” the mini ufo before you put it on the ground.

The mini ufo is also much more aerodynamic than most RC toys. They are not nearly as sensitive to lift, and will not turn on you once they are in the air. It’s almost like a perfectly balanced and perfectly flying remote control helicopter and can even go as high as two feet in the air. Many RC hobbyists and radio-controlled airplane hobbyists are amazed at the turns these tiny machines can take. It may seem impossible to believe, but they can move in midair and come back down again with amazing agility. Even worse, they can come in for a landing and then hover again, all on their own!

A Much Ado

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Yet another incredible benefit of the mini ufo is that it can be used in many different situations. If you are looking for a perfect landing site for your remote control plane, this is the toy for you. You can hover and land, and then move the aircraft anywhere you want on the ground, all while it is safely aloft in the air. In short, with the right software and RC expertise, you can practice almost any stunt you want without ever leaving the ground!

It may sound like a difficult or complicated toy to master, but the truth is, with the right training and guidance, the learning curve can be reduced dramatically. The mini so can also be used for many indoor activities where weight and space are an issue. These include many games played at home, such as freeze tag, air hockey, and many others. The mini drone can be maneuvered very easily and will not damage the walls of your home or interfere with other equipment.

Bottom Line

The mini ufo can be a great toy to get kids to start learning about the basics of RC helicopters, and at the same time, it can provide hours of exciting fun for adults who are looking for a new challenge or hobby. Take some time and consider what it will take to become comfortable with this fun little challenge. The best way to learn is by trial and error, so don’t hesitate to experiment. With time, patience and practice, you will be flying your own mini up in no time.

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