Know The Features Of Sky King Quadcopter Drone With Camera

sky king quadcopter drone with camera

We all are aware that the camera is an essential device. We capture moments and

memories using a camera. The camera can generally take static photos, but Quadcopters can capture movements and capture our memories. Being aerodynamically unstable, Quadcopters require a flight computer. The flight

the computer is required because it helps to convert the instructions given as input to

commands that can change the revolutions per minute of the propellers and produce

the required motion. The Quadcopters can generate lift and control forces with the help of the propellers.

The Controller

A man flying through the air while standing on top of a mountain

Quadcopter generally have a four-channel controller through which commands are sent to the drone so that its throttle, yaw, pitch, and roll are affected.

The Propellers

There are two sets of propellers and motors, but they rotate opposite to each other. However, the two sets of propellers have different pitches.

Quadcopter Dynamics

A quadcopter has four main forces acting on it.

1. Force of Gravity — This force pulls the Quadcopter down because of its mass. This is quite obvious

2. Lift — Because of the Propellers, there is an upward reaction force acting on the


3. Force due to thrust — This force is also due to the propellers. But, this force acts in a horizontal direction.

4. Drag — This is a backward force acting on the Quadcopter because of the air


Quadcopter Hovering

 A Quadcopter can hover only when the lift acting in the upward direction balances the force because of gravity acting in the downward direction. If the drone wants to move upwards, then the upward lift should be greater than the force of gravity. This can be done by enhancing the number of revolutions per minute of the four propellers at the same time. Hence this increases the lift to fly downwards; the revolutions per minute of all propellers have to be decreased at the same time.

Quadcopter Motion

 For moving the Quadcopter in a forward or backward direction, the pitch needs to be

adjusted with the help of the right stick on the controller. To move forward, the

revolutions per minute of the front propellers have to decrease while those at the back have to be increased. The reverse has to be done to move it backward. To move it sideways, the change in revolutions per minute has to be done on the left and right propellers.


Modern Quadcopters also have transmitters to have two-way communication with the controller. However, good quality quadcopters should always be used; otherwise, our requirements may not be fulfilled properly. Quadcopters are used to take aerial views in case of filming or for inspections. With the help of Quadcopters, medicine can be sent to needy people.

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