Mini Drone App- Now Controlling Is Easy

mini drone app

Have you always wished to have a drone, and yet when you have it, it feels like controlling is not an easy task? Well, all of us have been so that phase at least once, and it’s pretty normal to feel confused. But now, with the help of various mini drone applications, it becomes easier to handle the drone, and controlling is no longer a far-fetched thing. All you need to do is install the application on your smartphone and know about the rules. There are various applications for various kinds of drones, so you have to do a bit more research on the same. Here is a list of the best mini drone applications that you can install, and it comes with a complete package.

Google Earth-Mini Drone App


This is a free zone application that you can install, and it is available on Android devices. After registering the drone, you need to figure out a place to fly it. Google Earth will help you do the same and will tell you when it is safe to fly. It will give you a list of the exceptional places where you can go, and it is available in the web format as well. The installation is easy, and the user interface is even more straightforward. Even beginners can go to the intermediate stage of drone flying if they follow the Google earth instructions. 



Indifferent to the size of the drone, this is another application that will give you a potential flight location. It will also keep track of the first flight duration and where else the drone has gone. It has been able to get support from companies like Qualcomm and Microsoft, and it is one of the most unbeatable tools for all drone lovers out there. The features are futuristic, and you should not forget the drone mapping and geofencing techniques. Now there will be no chance for the drone to go out and get crushed by a car. 

Hover-Mini Drone App

This is the best application for all the drone players out there, and even though it is underrated, it does its job smoothly. Along with all the information that is given by the air map, it also adds the weather conditions so you know when you should take the drone out. It has excellent visibility of location, and you will be able to use it with other drone applications as well. You can easily download it on Google Play, and the price is free. There is not only a mobile version but also a web version in which you will be able to look at all the information.

Drone Deploy

Most people hesitate to install it, but it is one of the most extraordinary drone applications that does not focus on any specific vendor. Once you start using it will be irresistible, and it is very compatible with the DJI Drones. It has the app control camera exposure to know how far to go and how far not to. 


Now that you have an honest insight into the various mini drone applications, you should be able to utilize them in the best possible manner. 

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