Orbit HD Quadcopter Video Drone For Sale – Unbiased Review

propel orbit hd quadcopter video drone

This new product from Ooty, India named Orbit HD Quadcopter is a remote control quadcopter with an excellent quality video camera. It is an advanced model of remote control vehicle. There are also other models available with additional features such as self-assembly or assembly by buying separate parts.

The company has been manufacturing remote control vehicles for many years now and has established a reputation for quality. They offer an extensive line of quadcopters such as the Orbit HD Quadcopter. They have been carefully engineered and the product range is growing each year. The Orbit HD Q is especially suitable for beginners who wish to take this type of quadcopter for the first time. You can either assemble it by yourself or you can get a remote control package that comes with it. The instructions are available from the company’s website.

Indoor And Outdoor Use

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The Orbit HD Quadcopter video camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is fully equipped with CCD cameras so that you can capture your quadcopter flight and then edit the captured images to your heart’s content. This editing software will allow you to enhance your images or remove unwanted objects to give you a better result. You can even change the color of the quadcopter to suit your preferences. This is very easy to do as all you have to do is to select the desired effect and click on “Save”.

The Ooty company is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality products. They have come up with their own naming system in order to distinguish their models from other brands. The brand is for extremely high performance quadcopters and the Vigorado Q is for all purpose indoor and outdoor quadcopters. The other names under which the Vigorados belong include Olga and Kukui. All of their models are ready to be shipped to your doorstep.

Ooty Model

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There are a number of features of the Ooty model which is worth pointing out. The first feature worth pointing out is the presence of the two way radio which allows you to communicate with the remote control unit. The other thing that you will find is that the camera is very sturdy, able to withstand being dropped several times before it malfunctioned.

This model is also very user friendly. The controls of this quadcopter are very straightforward and easy to handle. There is also a special mode, called flight mode, which allows you to control the camera and view the screen at the same time. This is an incredible feature and it allows you to view both features simultaneously. The throttle, on the other hand, is also very simple and is suitable for users who are new at using this particular model.

Option Of Recording Your Flight And Saving

When it comes to the flight modes, you can opt for indoor or outdoor quadcopter operations and the controller allows you to switch between them easily. There is also an option of recording your flight and saving it to watch it back later. This will allow you to share your videos with family and friends, so they can see how a quadcopter looks like and also get a feel of how difficult it might be to operate such a device.


This model is also one of the cheapest available on the market. It is not only affordable but also a quality device. It has two channels and a high quality camera that can also capture HD video. It comes with two batteries which are not included in the set but you can buy additional batteries to be used when these run out of juice. The Orbit HD quad copter is indeed a worthy investment for those interested in quadcopters and is definitely recommended.

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