Organizing Events For Junior Pilots

A good knowledge of these issues will go a long way in helping you choose the best program for you.

MultiGP, short for Multigp Radio Controlled Aerial Vehicle, is an international drone racing community that organizes and oversees a virtual radio-controlled aerial vehicle race. With more than 14,000 members worldwide and 5adermch codes to be signed up, MultiGP is by far the most popular and well known drone racing community on the internet. 

It’s main goal is to provide a forum for pilots across the world to discuss their hobby and organize races against each other to further improve their skills. In its most basic level, a multi-grp tournament is an aerial race where two teams of pilots compete with each other using a variety of radio-controlled aircraft.

A Drone

A helicopter flying in the air

What makes a multigp race exciting is the unique challenges it poses to a team. Since a drone is not able to “land” on its own, it needs some help from its team to win. In most cases, this help comes in the form of a remote-control device which the pilot uses in conjunction with their physical presence. The two most popular ways that a team provides support are through computers and human-networks.

The sport of drone racing started out as an amateur hobby before becoming professional. Amateur pilots were able to use very basic radio control systems to control their planes. This allowed them to participate in regional meets and tournaments but because they did not have the resources or skills necessary to enter into a large multigp race, they lost interest and gave up. A new wave of younger pilots showed up who had more interest in joining regional meets but lacked the skills to compete in larger tournaments. These pilots brought their advanced skill sets along on their first flights and soon it was clear that they wanted to take their passion to the next level and develop it into a professional career.

A airplane that is flying in the sky

A Great Place To Practice

So what can new pilots learn from these large Texas Hold’em tournaments? Well, first of all they are a great place to practice your skills. You’ll notice that each race is broken down into segments with different difficulty levels and each segment will give you a score that you must beat in order to win. Most pilots will focus on learning their segments first before progressing to more difficult races. If you practice enough during the year then you should easily be able to improve your time while in your Texas hold’em tournaments.

Another cool thing about these games is that they can be incorporated into your regular golf routine. Many junior racers use their games as practice in order to work on their swing mechanics. Even some pros do carry a small amount of the racing series with them so that they can continue to play even if they aren’t playing in an actual tournament. If you’re in the market for a new set of tools that you can use for working on your game, then by all means look into the new junior racer kits.

The Appeal Of The Multigp

Even though many professionals have switched over to drone technology, it hasn’t taken away the appeal of the multigp. The game is still very popular among players because it’s challenging and fun. While many drone racers are using the software to develop drone racing competitions, there is still a big demand for qualified junior pilots. 

In fact, the drone community is always looking for talented newcomers who want to join their ranks. By entering into these tournaments you can show yourself to these pilots that you have what it takes to compete and beat them at your own game.

Final Words 

It’s clear that there is no end in sight for the growth of the multigp league. As technology evolves, there are still plenty of ways that amateur pilots can get involved and help to support the development of this exciting sport. Look for more details on how you can participate in the 2021 drone racing championship season in the near future.

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