Parrot Mini Drone Jumps For Beginners

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Parrot Mini Drones have just arrived and my two little girls want them for Christmas this year! They are flying around the house and the neighbors are saying,” Hey! Your kid just flew a mini-drone!”

The Mini Drones are great toys to have because they help your parrot learn and have fun. We have always had a passion for parrots and had trouble buying them when we were first getting them. But now that we have the mini-drone, we can fly anywhere and have any kind of fun we want. Now we can go for long walks and not be afraid of stepping into the neighbor’s yard.

An Overview

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It is almost like having your child in your pocket and they are always with you. When they are young, they love being picked up and held and carried. They feel safe and secure. As they get older it gets a little bit harder and a little bit more frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You just need to learn some basic steps so that you can get your parrot used to it and using it on a regular basis.

It is amazing how this tiny little device can change your relationship with your parrot. Your parrot will act like a wild bird, he will be curious, but he will also get bored. This boredom will cause your parrot to become restless and misbehave. So if you are having trouble with your parrot right now, do not get frustrated just yet.

The Process

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First get your parrot ready for his new hobby. Start him off by letting him know that it is okay to be alone for a little while. Also let your parrot know that he has toiled and exercised before he can leave. It may sound weird, but you will notice that he really likes exercising by being left alone in the cage while you leave or come back from work.

Next put him in his harness and attach the mini-drone jumping device to him. Your parrot will need to be within eye level when he gets put into his harness and then he can go fly his drones in the air. You should be able to control him quite well since he will have quite a bit of control over his altitude. Next set up a few treats that will tempt him to land on one. Do not give him human food as these treats can cause him to have an accident.

Make Parrot Comfortable

Once your parrot has gotten use to his mini drone jumping device, you can start taking him outside. Take him to several different locations until he is comfortable being left alone. This could include leaving a piece of food out for him to eat while you go out. You might also put a toy in the cage for him to play with. Once he is comfortable in the outdoors, you can then let him fly free.

Remember, parrots love to feel as if they are the ones controlling everything. That is why it is important to only allow him to fly free when he is properly trained. If you don’t do this, you could be opening yourself up for an accident. There is no need to worry though, all you need to do is practice until he is ready. Try taking him for short flights and make sure he knows how to land each time.

Pro Tips

Another thing that you need to watch out for when you are training your parrot is obstructions. You should not allow any branches or anything else that may be in the way of your mini drone flying your parrot. He could easily get tangled up and injured. This can be very dangerous and it can even result in the death of your parrot.

Mini drone flying is a great training method for parrots because it gets them used to being left alone. Parrots are known to be independent animals. They are always the first to find ways to get themselves into trouble. This is why training them for parrot jumping is so important. Your parrot will learn how to trust you more and will trust itself more once you have tamed it.


Parrots are amazing pets and they can give you many years of enjoyment. They are entertaining and can be a great pet for children. The key to training your parrot effectively is to make sure that you are patient and persistent. If you keep at it, your parrot will start to trust you and will soon be ready for some solo fun.

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