Phantom 3: Things To Know -

Phantom 3: Things To Know

Phantom 3: Things To Know

Are you among those who love to experiment with the things? Do you want to use the latest technology which is available to make things more clearly to you? If your answer is yes, then it is suggested that you must use a Phantom 3. It is a camera which is used to record 4K UHD video smoothly, and photos also. You will get happy to know that like the drone you used the same way you can use Phantom 3. Phantom 3 advanced version of a Drone that you use in previous months.

Phantom 3: Things To Know
Phantom 3: Things To Know

Things About Phantom 3


When you are looking forward to buying a Phantom 3, then it is a must for you to get sure about your budget. It has been seen that Phantom 3 cost a bit high then the other drone cameras available. Therefore if you have a good budget, then you can easily choose this. It is not the case that it is not available at a lower price. Some of the models are there which you can look at.


Height also creates a difference when it comes to choosing the best. you will get surprised to know that it can attain an altitude of 0.5 miles. When you are capturing something from 0.5 miles with this Phantom 3, you will get happy to see that you will get a clear image and an explicit video with you.

Obstacle Avoidance

It is not available with much obstacle avoidance. It has two cameras in which one camera is ready for the video, and the other camera handy is to maintain stability. Therefore if you are not sure whether this camera is worth or not, then you can use and get used to how you can use it.

Other Features Of Phantom 3

You can also connect this camera with your phone as well. If you are not having the remote available to fly it, then you can use your phone as well. But in case if you are not available with the phone, then you will not be able to receive the updates about this Phantom 3. If you want to get up to date with the activity of the camera, then it is a must for you to get available with the mobile phone with you when you are using this.

Also, this phantom three comes with a Wi-Fi password as well. If you are not sure that what the default password is for the same, then you can use 12341234. This you can use as a default one.

Phantom 3: Things To Know
Phantom 3: Things To Know

What else you want when you are available with such a modification of technology. You will get happy to know that now there is no need for you to miss any of the moments of yours. You can capital every moment you live at a particular time. Usually has been seen that these cameras are used to capture all the moments in functions that are in an open area. These are capable of capturing everything happening around in a surrounding.

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