Race Drone Goggles – Designed for Novice Pilots

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Are you fond of controlling your own virtual flying vehicle? If you are then there is another sport that you may want to check out – RC Race Drone Racing. This particular version of remote control flying sports is getting more popular, especially in the racing and stunt flying community. It looks and sounds just like the real thing – except you don’t have to be an expert pilot or professional race driver to enjoy it.

RC Race Drone Racing can be a lot of fun, but you won’t be able to just sit on your couch and let loose. You will need to have some prior experience in racing. Although it can be controlled by people of all ages, it’s best for people who at least know how to use a remote control. The object is to race against others using goggles, in a virtual race course with obstacles in the course that get in the way of the drone. There is usually a pit area where the racing drone can be repaired, so it’s important to have plenty of extra battery packs nearby.

An Overview

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One of the most popular places for RC Race Drone Racing events is in any major metropolitan area. In fact, this sport is very popular even inside large cities where there may not be a lot of open space. This is because it’s a high-speed, adrenaline-fueled sport, and the action is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You can either race indoors using a high-speed dome camera mounted on poles, or outdoors on grass, dirt, or artificial surfaces. If you’re going for the indoors events, you’ll need a fully-automatic transmitter to eliminate human interference, and a transmitter and goggles with either night vision or day night vision capabilities.

Most RC races use a very similar racing drone strategy, and there are plenty of models available to choose from. However, there are some differences in the flight configurations, flight modes, type of hardware, and software used by different brands. Dji Fpv goggles are one example of an excellent choice for indoor or low-light applications. They use a patented Continuous Flight System (CFS) which ensures that no pilot experience is lost due to poor weather conditions or inconsistent surface run times. The goggles also include an advanced face tracking system to accurately locate the pilot in case of a crash.

Drone Race Goggles

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A popular indoor RC drone racing series is the Dji Ultimate Xtreme Pro series which utilizes the latest DJI technology. These goggles incorporate advanced Face Recognition System to ensure that only you are able to control the drone – eliminating the possibility of human error. The goggles come with carbon 210 lenses that are suited to optimal eye protection, resisting heat and abrasion from impacts and other physical factors.

When it comes to racing drones, DJI offers two specific series of goggles specifically for racing. The fastest and most competitive of these is the Dji racer series. It uses the newest lithium battery technology to power the fastest and most stable system available. It is also equipped with the advanced Continuous Flight System (CFS) and is capable of delivering a continuous flight of 10 minutes or more. Some of the best selling models of this racing series are the Dragonfly Carbon 210 and the Dragonfly Lite.

Another series of drones for sale specifically for racing enthusiasts are the Flip X series from DJI. These drones use high quality high capacity batteries to deliver maximum distance and flight time. Most Flip X models are powered by a lithium polymer battery, and have replaceable Lipopro batteries in order to allow the owners to swap out existing Lipopro batteries for new models whenever the time comes.

In the End

These advanced DJI racing drones are packed with features that will amaze any RC pilot. They come equipped with built-in obstacle avoidance technology, forward thinking goggles with infrared targeting, and precision built tail wheels for maximum stability. For added speed and maneuverability, the Flip X series of racing drones also features a backseat collision avoidance system. One might think that these are the only features included in every drone, but they actually aren’t. If a novice pilot likes to race, they can enjoy the benefits that these innovative goggles offer by using a remote control with the built-in transmitter.

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