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Drone racing has become a popular sport in many areas, and with so many newer aerial vehicles being introduced onto the market, there have also been an increased number of drone pilots taking part in this exciting sport. Drones have allowed many hobbyists to get involved in the adrenaline rush of drone racing. The footage taken by the drones is amazing and the suspense and action are great for the watcher. Drones allow the pilot to remain invisible to anyone on the ground and see what he or she is doing from hundreds of feet up. The sport of drone racing can be very dangerous and may require you to hold up your hands and maneuver your vehicle if you are hit by one of these crafts. If you are interested in becoming a professional drone racer, then you should consider the following steps.

Learn How To Control Your Vehicle

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First, you need to practice. It is important that you learn how to control your vehicle both mentally and physically. There are many drone racing videos out there that show the pilots operating their crafts perfectly, but they do not show you the mental preparation that you need to have in order to succeed. Practice in a controlled environment with no one present to distract you. The more time and practice you have, the better you will be in your races.

Second, you need to join the fun. Go watch some of the drone racing videos online. You will find that some of the racers are really cool. You may even want to follow them around and see how they maneuver their planes and how they control them. There are a number of YouTube channels dedicated to drone flying, and you may even start following some of the amateur operators as well. If you enjoy watching and learning from the experts, then you will enjoy this exciting sport as well.

 Drones Are Transforming The Way We Do Racing

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Some of the amateur drone racers you will see will use some of the coolest tools and gadgets you have never seen before. Drones are transforming the way we do racing because they allow for so much more precision than anything that has ever been done before. If you enjoy piloting and flying these tiny machines, you might as well try to join in and start flying in some races.

One of the most popular drone racing events is the Butterfly Glider drone race. This is an obstacle course designed to test the skills of all the drone flyers that are trying to make it to the winning podium. Each flyer is launched from their remote control and they have to navigate their tiny plane through the obstacle course and finish inside the winner’s circle. The best thing about this race is the large crowds of spectators that watch every race.

Professional Drone Racer Up Captured Live Action 

You can check out some of the professional drone racer up captured live action on YouTube. This YouTube channel is dedicated to drone enthusiasts and anyone who want to learn more about how these tiny crafts are used. You might also check out some of the most popular videos on this channel like the one about the HTC DROID.

Bottom Line 

Horbaczewski says that there will come a day when it is possible to purchase DJI Phantom 3 Professional Series Autopilot UAV, which is the same one he used to win last year’s drone championship. However, until that day comes there is no way for him to buy the actual craft, which is why he is actually enjoying participating in different races and filming drone racing events just for fun. The HTC Wildfire and Inspire RC are two other models in the series. For all the other models of drones that he has been piloting, he would say that his preferred model is the HD+ series, which are equipped with two cameras and two infrared cameras. In the future, though, he would certainly choose the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Series Autopilot UAV.

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