Significance of the SC DEW

SC DEW is an employment program to give an equal opportunity to disabled individuals and to them who are 24 above but still unemployed. They can even send their requests at their email address and they will try to connect with you as soon as possible. Rather than that they also provide services like education, consumer services and transparency, business, employment, recreation, laws and public safety and even you can file a fraud claim on their website. SC DEW is the Employment and Workforce Department of South Carolina.

What is UI?

UI means Unemployment Insurance and it is a nationwide program created to aid eligible individuals who are unemployed. They are willing to work and actively looking for employment.In South Carolina, a UI claim can provide up to 20 weeks of benefits. The average weekly benefit amount is $236. The maximum weekly benefit is $326. DEW administers the UI program according to the rules and regulations provided by South Carolina code of laws.

SC Works

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SC Works’ proud Partner with American Job Center Network is the place where potential job seekers can find employees. By signing up for this government program, you will get a lot of opportunities. They provide education and training for freshers.State Workforce Development Board is working with them with the vision to expand and develop a skilled workforce.

SC Career Coach

The SC Career Coach is the mobile extension of SC work centers. This mobile unit is occupied with 10 workstations for job seekers. You can find out their next events in the SC Calendar. And if you are interested in their next event you can fill out the request form. They do job seeking activities, on-site assistance, wifi and printer capabilities, and are wheelchair accessible. 

Youth Resources

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There are several different kind of programs available for youth to get employment that includes,

  • A program that offers individuals aged up to 24 a comprehensive array of services to prepare them for education and employment attainment.
  •  School-to-work partnership program with local school districts that place high school students into a work environment. 
  • Services available for youth with disabilities, ages 14-24.
  • For students, ages 13-21, with a 504 or Individual Education Plan.
  • WIOA Youth, a program to prepare them for education and employment attainment.
  • You can connect with them for documentation, transportation, childcare and even workplace accommodations. 
  • Back to work program which gives career guidance and helps individuals to maintain gainful employment.


With this employment program powered by South Carolina. It helps you to get a meaningful civilian career for disabled and gives them equal opportunity. There are several different programs available with this program that help an individual with any kind of fraud, help youth, school and college going students, UI program to provide them benefits. So that unemployed people also can live proudly and happily until they get employment.

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