Storm Drone Racing Tips And Tricks For You To Explore

Storm Drone Racing

As if car racing was not fun anymore, people have come up with new ideas. Drone racing is not anymore at the park competition level. This is an article on everything you need to know about Storm Drone Racing. Controlling it remotely and steering all the way in the sky, drones are now not only for fun. People have taken it to a whole different level. They race now. This kind of racing is not all about speed. There are many other factors responsible for winning the race. The drones are mounted with cameras on them to record and have different viewing perspectives. It’s gaining popularity at a very good rate.

Start The Race

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To start drone racing, you only need two things, i.e., skills and a good quality drone. You can own such top-tier skills only if you have a top-quality drone that can compete at a high level. One such drone is the Storm Drone Racing.

Storm Drone Racing – Specifications

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You cannot use any regular drone to race, not at the big stages at least. The specifications of the drone matter a lot when it comes to racing. One of the main requirements of any racing drone is its build quality, and Storm Drone Racing fulfills every racing drone criterion easily. This drone’s frame is completely made up of carbon fiber, which reduces weight and makes it even stronger. It has a good resolution 110-degree storm camera mounted on it. There’s no need to sell any attachment as the plug is provided, making it easy to detach when needed. It is user-friendly, and many other features make it stand out from the rest of the racing drones.

Features of Storm Drone Racing

The specifications are good enough to make it stand out, but there are some other features that no other drone has at this price. The Storm Drone Racing is suitable for 250 spec events. The CC3D flight controller makes it very stable and responsive. In this drone, the first-person view video stream has almost no delay. The power and weight ratio are so good that the 2204 motors with tri-blade propellers fly at a good speed. Considering one has good enough skills and this drone, there is nothing much one needs to win the race.

Pricing of Storm Drone Racing

Before looking at the drone’s price range, it is very important to know that professional racing drones are not cheap. Though you can get drones easily at a very cheaper rate, they don’t last. The pricing of Storm Drone Racing ranges somewhere between 200 to 500 US Dollars. Quality increases with the price increase. Starting from Entry level drones to professional drones, Storm got it all covered for you.


Drones are making it to the big leagues now. People don’t buy these drones only for professional racing. There’s fun in flying it, and some even use it for surveillance. There are many uses for it, and one would only enjoy the company of this brainless bot. Storm Drone Racing got it all covered for you.

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