Storm Racing Drone Review – How it Works

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I’ve been reading a storm racing drone review and this is one of the more interesting products in the drone arena. It’s not a common item that you see in most review articles, but it deserves mention. This is a new product from aerial drone videographers using technology from Croteam. It’s called the Storm Rider and it’s a little RC helicopter with a remote control. It can be flown by one person, but you can use two or more to fly in formation.

Know About The Functions And Machinery

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The thing that makes this helicopter so unique is that it’s actually two RC helicopters in one. It’s like having a helicopter that can move both forwards and backwards. A video description of the product shows an indoor RC controlled indoor area being used with the Storm Rider. It’s a cool product, because you can use the remote control to vary the speeds, whereas most remote controlled helicopters you just can’t do that.

Describes The Controls

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A storm racing drone review describes the controls as having a joystick-style system. A few people who have bought this product have complained that it’s hard to get into the throttle for maximum speed, but other users have had no problems. I’m not sure why the joystick is necessary, but some people may find it useful for getting into the right positions for taking the camera perfect for the right shot. If you don’t like the idea of using the joystick, then maybe another brand is better suited to your needs.

Other than the controls, you’ll find that this is a quality product. It’s a durable, high performance item that will last for quite a while, which is important when you consider what type of helicopter you’re purchasing. This helicopter is a bit more expensive than some of the other remote controlled helicopters, but it will pay for itself in the quality that you’ll get from it.

Balanced And Stable

The product is well balanced and stable, although some reviewers pointed out that the remote can get wobbly at high speeds. The Storm Racing Drone review authors don’t usually fault the Helicopters, but rather point out that you’ll need to get used to moving it at high speeds. In other words, this isn’t a toy that you should just start flying and forget about. It is, however, a fun and exciting aircraft to fly. Some people who have been testing this have found that the StormRacing Drone can make for a good overall training experience as you learn how to handle an RC helicopter.

You’ll also find that this helicopter is easy to get up in the air and fly. Some people might prefer a fixed-wing model, but if you already have a RC helicopter you’ll be able to transfer over to the StormRacing series and use the same helicopter with the same performance level. Some might think that these RC vehicles are for professionals, but anyone can get involved and start flying one of these powerful toys. There’s really nothing that compares to the experience of speed and handling that you get when you’re up in the air and racing with a remote control

Bottom Line

If you are someone who wants to get involved with racing and are interested in taking this StormRacing experience to the next level, you will want to check out the Storm Racing Drone Review. This review will help you get an idea of exactly how well this helicopter will fly and how well it will race. You’ll also learn a little bit about the different settings this helicopter can be used in and whether or not it is capable of moving at different speeds. This drone is not one that is cheap and nor is it a toy that anyone should take a chance with. It’s a real high level remote control helicopter that will give you plenty of fun in the air. The best part is that this review should help you get a handle on whether or not this is a toy you’ll want to take part in or not.

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