The Best Fastest Racing Drone Of 2021

fastest racing drone

The Best Fastest Racing Drone Of 2021

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The past few years have observed drone racing flourish into a popular sport practised worldwide. However, the players who hone their skills to a professional level even get to play in internationally held competitions such as The Drone Racing League, with a chance to face off against the best in the business. As a consequence of the increasing love for drone races, manufacturers focus on features that make their drones more race-worthy. Moreover, thanks to this, the choice of FPV racing quads in the market has significantly increased. The only challenge is choosing the best option from a developing list of fast drones can be a tall order. If you’re searching to get into drone racing, we are here to save you the trouble that is due diligence. In this post, we recognize the fastest racing drones for 2021 buckle up. Let’s talk about the fastest racing drone here!

UVify Draco HD


Even when we are talking about a new sport and a hobby made for enthusiasts, one thing remains the same: money talks. For those ready to spend a bit more, the UVify Draco HD is designed to look like the best consumer drones.


Flight Time: Approx 8 minutes

Top Speed: 50 mph

Charge Time: Approx 60 minutes

Remote Controller: WiFi 5.8GHz @ 40 channels

Live Video Transmission Range: 150m / 480ft

Range: 300m / 960ft

Weight: 485g / 17.10oz (without battery, and battery weight: 207g/0.46lbs)

Camera: 90°Adjustable 720p

Working Temperature: -5°C to ~ 40°C

Rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Walkera Furious 215

The Walkera Furious 215 drone might be slightly harder to mod than the cheaper models but is primed for racing from the start, so less customization is needed. The model has a mount for your HD camera and GoPro if you want to take footage during races or events. But, as this addition will do the opposite of assisting with speed and handling, most pilots will probably opt-out.


Flight Time: Approx 9 minutes

Top Speed: Unknown, estimated at 100 mph

Remote Controller: WiFi 5.8GHz

Charge Time: Approx 90 minutes

Live Video Transmission Range: 1000m / 1640.4ft

Range: 1500m / 4000ft

Working Temperature: -10°C to ~40°C

Drone Camera: 50°Adjustable TLV1600 camera HAD II CCD

Weight: 375g / 13.12oz

Rated for indoor and outdoor use

ARRIS X-Speed 250B V3

This is one of the most customized FPV drones on the market. If you are serious about building a rapid racer, then you may go for this drone. This little drone is pleasant to fly, and one of the best ways to enter drone racing as a sport.


Flight Time: Approx 4 minutes

Top Speed: 20 mph

Charge Time: Approx 30 minutes

Live Video Transmission Range: 21m / 70ft

Working Temperature: 10°C to ~40°C

Remote Controller: WiFi 5.8GHz & 2.4GHz

Drone Camera: 130° CMOS

Range: 40m / 130ft

Weight: 50g / 1.76oz

Rated for indoor and outdoor use

These are some trending fast racing drones that you can buy if you are serious about it. Each and every model are very superior and have a good picture quality.

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