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Professional Drone Racing

New York, Sept. 3, 2020 / PRNewswire/ – The Drone Racing league (DRL) has announced the new Drone Racing Series and their first-ever Drone Race Simulator on Xbox to be held in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center. The competition will take place at a special event in the sky above New York City during a two-hour live broadcast, at the conclusion of which the winning teams will get a chance to race against real pilots at a Drone Championship competition that will be held at the Airspace, also known as the Verizon Stadium. The event will take place on a Friday and Saturday during the two-day Major League Baseball All-Star Weekend. The event will also include Drone races that will take place across the United States and Canada.

DRL, which is the only recognized organization of the international Drone Racing Association, is the world’s largest and most popular Drone Racing club. Since its founding by Patrick Doyle in 2020, the DRL has grown rapidly and has developed relationships with a wide variety of other events, including the Drone Racing World Championships, Drone Championship and the Drone Olympics. The league’s vision is to offer the world’s best and brightest drone racers the opportunity to compete for the gold and silver medals in the upcoming Drone Racing World Championships and earn millions of dollars in sponsorship and prize money.

DRL Is An Exclusive Club

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DRL is a very exclusive club. Not all drone pilots are part of DRL and those who aren’t often don’t fly very high-end and expensive drones. As such, DRL strives to offer an exciting experience to the sport’s future elite with a very competitive yet affordable price tag.

In addition to the DRL’s Drone Racing series on Xbox, the league offers a “Real Drone” simulator and the “Dronemaster” course, allowing for players to get a feel for what it will be like to pilot the very exact same drones that will be used by Dronemasters, the international competition, in the forthcoming Drone Championship competition. The Dronemaster course is a fully 3D map and it includes a virtual obstacle course, virtual bridges, a virtual “pitch,” virtual tunnels, real traffic lights, real street signs and a real weather front-panel. to show you what it will be like when you’re flying your drones in real-life conditions in the day, the night and in the rain.

DRL Also Provides A Number Of Training Modules

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DRL also provides a number of training modules for its members and allows them to compete for rewards like the ability to download the “Dronemaster” course and even earn Dronemaster Challenges to prove their skills. The Dronemaster course also comes with a number of obstacles and courses that the Drone Racers will race over, allowing you to get a feel for how the courses and obstacles behave and how they will change based on the type of racing that Dronemaster is doing.

A very popular feature of the Dronemaster course is the “Speed Challenge.” The “Speed Challenge” mode is a timed race over a course of obstacles that allows the Dronemaster to travel through the course as fast as possible while making it across bridges, over tunnels, over buildings, through tunnels and across water without breaking the course. This mode is very interesting, especially considering the fact that there are many obstacles everywhere.

In order to unlock the Dronemaster course, you will need to be Dronemaster Silver, Bronze or Platinum level for the Dronemaster Season. After completing the course, you will be able to download the “Speed Challenge” module and start racing online against other Dronemasters, competing in the “Speed Challenge” for your chance to win prizes. The competition is fierce, and the reward system is not that generous, so if you want to be a serious Dronemaster, you might want to try to join the Dronemaster league first, which has a lot more competitions, more prizes and a much more realistic and rewarding reward system. As you grow more experienced, you will also be able to upgrade your Drones to the more advanced models and you will be able to earn bigger prizes.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the Dronemaster league is one of the top events in the industry that you should definitely check out for all the exciting competition that the professional Drone Racers has to face, as well as the potential of winning some nice prizes. If you do decide to join Dronemaster, you’ll want to make sure that you know what you’re getting into before you commit. You won’t want to waste your money with an event that you aren’t sure is the right choice for you.

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