The Next Big Thing In Technology called Micro Drone Quadcopter

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We already know how far we have come when it comes to science and high tech technology. With new and improved progress in so many scientific fields, humans sure have come an incredibly long way. However, let us not forget the first thing we began with- of course, we are talking about drones! Not only are these little copters immensely fun to play around with, but they also paved the way for a completely new wave of photography and videography. If you are an aspiring director but have budget issues, no worries, you have come to the right place. Presenting to you the newest range of micro drone quadcopters that are pocket friendly as well as great at working- you are sure to fall in love with them!

Holy Stone GPS Drone

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We absolutely cannot stress enough on what a wonderful creation of mankind this little drone is. It has got a myriad of features- 4k videos at 16 fps and a 110 degrees wide view just to highlight a few. That is absolutely not all, there is more to come. It has two foldable antennae, an extremely effortless and comfortable photo as well as video button, and as if all this was not enough already, it also has a phone holder that expands to keep your smartphone safe at all costs. Safety with a  pinch of coolness, that is all we have to say.

Potensic Mini Quadcopter

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Here is another brilliant contender on our list- what is better in this model is that it actually transmits the images that it captures over your wifi connection in real time. That might be one of the coolest things this quadcopter can do, but that is not all. The durability of this amazing device easily takes the crown, so if you are a noob at flying drones, be relieved. You will be easily able to handle this machine. Plus, this drone does not even need a smart phone to fly it because it comes along with a full blown controller, now how awesome is that!

DJI Mavic

If this is not the best of the lot in the market right now, you are obviously kidding. DJI being one of the most trusted drone makers on this planet never disappoints and their latest invention is just another example to prove it further. The maximum video resolution it provides is 2.7k HD, which in itself is a commendable feat. The best thing about it is its light weight- only 249g which makes it the most ideal to make your perfect travelling companion.


As you must have already read, this post focused mainly on the three leading quadcopter drones trending in the market right now. We have done our very best in acquainting you with some of our favourite and overall phenomenal drones from all over the world and we hope you enjoyed this list. There might be other alternatives to quadcopter drones of course, but the ones mentioned in this article are the best ones we recommend. All the superior, top tier features mentioned in this post automatically make all these drones the best thing a photographer or director could ask for.

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