Three Best Micro Racing Drone That Will Cost Less Than 250 Dollars

micro racing drone

Drone racing is not an old sport rather a relatively new sport. The limelight is still as strong as the beginning. More and more fast agile machines are evolving. So you also want to explore drone flying? Are you a beginner considering buying a micro racing drone? Then this article is for you; read the whole post. Getting into micro drone racing can be exciting, but the barrier to entry can be daunting; you need a good racing drone for beginners.

If you are not that quite ready to buy professional gear, want to try out a hobby racer and see about getting started in the sport. Micro racing drones are the perfect option if you wish to like flying indoors. You can also take them outside; they will handle a bit of wind and some sunshine. Let’s explore some inexpensive micro racing drones in this post.

Benefits Of Micro Racing Drone

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They are less expensive.

Micro racing drones are usually ready-to-fly units that do not need a screwdriver before you can take them to the sky.

With the help of customization, you can take them to whatever you want.

However, most of them have cameras, not for video recording purposes but to provide a live view to your remote or headset.

Micro racing drones are lightweight.

List Of Top Micro Racing Drones

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Walkera Rodeo 110

It is not the quickest or most robust but strong enough for a small starter micro racing drone. If you want to go pro, you will need to build your custom machine from the ground up. It’s a decent choice for some backyard fun. You can order it from amazon at $170.00.

Walkera Rodeo 150

This is a little larger and more refined aesthetically than the previous micro racing drone in the list. It is Ready to fly and comes with Devo 7 Remote and 600Tvl mini camera. The most remarkable feature is the Smart and unique frame design. Its price is 219 $.

Fat Shark 101 Trainer

This micro racing drone kit is perfect for beginners. It comes with a drone, remote, and goggles, and You can buy it for $180. Few features include a simple radio that works with the quadcopter, online simulators, and other custom quads and high quality, wide field-of-view Recon goggles.

Micro Racing- Blade Inductrix Drones

It is a tiny quadcopter that is little more than a toy but is adaptable to different uses and accessories. The significant benefit is that it can connect to advanced 2.4GHz controllers. If you have a powerful transmitter from your full-fledged racing drone or an RC airplane, you can bind it to the Inductrix as well. Micro racing drones can take your racing performance to the next level. Price varies as per Inductrix.


You can’t get all hop into a race and start winning races; you have to start somewhere. And these cheap micro racing drones are perfect for you.

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