Tips For Flying Through A Drone Racing Course

drone racing course

Have you ever been to a drone racing event? If you have not then you are really missing out. I mean there is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that comes from actually flying one of these awesome aircraft. It’s exciting enough to drive a car or even go for a motorcycle ride. But when you get into the heart of it like I have, it’s pure fun.

Set Up The First Gate Appropriately

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When we go to a drone racing course it’s very important to set up the first gate appropriately. The first gate we are going to talk about is the main gate. This is the actual “gate” from which all the others come in and the race can actually start from here. So make sure this gate is placed right at the front of the line where all racers can see it clearly from.

The other two gates are what will be used for different types of races. The first one you will use is called a runway and is placed on the actual ground. On the other side of that is a grassy area. This is used for the pilots to practice their flying skills and also allows for the different pilots at the drone racing course to work together and practice their moves before moving onto the higher level.

So what kinds of maneuvers can you do during your first few times at a drone racing course? Well there is plenty, the first two I mentioned will probably be the most popular. Here are a couple more of the basic maneuvers you can try. If you’re looking to become a successful pilot then you need to know these two basic maneuvers.

The Forward Swept Maneuver

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The first maneuver is called the forward swept maneuver and involves taking your controls and slowly turning them while maintaining good elevator height. If you can keep your drone flying in the same direction and stay up high, this will help you gain control over it and eventually get it to level 1. Once you reach level one you can then try the backward swept maneuver.

The second maneuver is known as the inverted V-tail. It is basically an upside down V but you need to be able to maintain the same downward angle throughout your flight. The best way to learn this is to simply watch some fun racing videos. In the videos you will usually see the athletes doing a funny little somersault at the beginning of the race. This is what you will need to do to get yourself to level one.

The Split-solo Loop

The third maneuver you should learn at the drone racing course is called the split-solo loop. It is done by flying into the gate with only one element attached to your transmitter. Your goal is to fly through the gate with only one element and then turn around and go back into the drone field with the element empty. The good part about this maneuver is that if anyone on the outside is chasing you, they will have very little idea where you are because you are flying in a straight line without any turns. If it seems like you aren’t making it through the gate, try to lead them into the field at an angle and then reverse and go back through the gate.

Bottom Line

Once you complete these three maneuvers, you should be ready to start your first competition. Since these are the basics of the sport, many drones will already be in use. However, if yours is an individual race you might want to hand out some prizes to the pilots that accomplish these goals. The overall winner of the drone racing event is the one that completes the most runs and distances out of all the other competitors. While it may sound impossible at first, you will be surprised how quickly you can learn and master these maneuvers.

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