Try Your Hand At Drone Racing

drone racing las vegas

Is this just a flyby project for PR or will it take off and really make a buzz? The answer may surprise you. There are several drone racing teams right now in Las Vegas, and they are very serious about getting into the business. They are putting together a well-run program with plenty of funding to try to make it work.

Here’s how it works: Each time the drone races, a transmitter is attached to the control system and a camera on board will film the action. The system then sends that video feed out to a real time website that subscribers can watch. Right now the site is being developed so it can handle five computers as well as connect with each one individually. This is something that doesn’t happen every day but it is possible and you can bet it will be popular when it does. The thing is though; there is no need to worry about losing money when playing drone racing in Las Vegas.


The reason why is because drone racing is not just about winning, it’s also about entertainment. When you go to one of the drone racing events you get to see some impressive stuff. The camera on your computer will record everything and the feed can be viewed live on your computer screen and you even get to listen to comments from the pilots as they take off and land. It’s not the best experience for the human ear but it’s entertaining.

If that isn’t enough to get people into the stadium then there are still more reasons to be there. When you play at one of the drone racing leagues you can choose your own virtual racing course. You don’t have to worry about the wind and rain because you control the flying machines with remote control. They can fly over anything you want so you can set up a course that goes through the trees or through a water course. Then all you have to do is use the touch screen interface and direct your bots onto the course. Some of them can even do multiple laps and have the chance to take off and land on the jump ramp.

The Remote Control

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Using the remote control to maneuver your bots is easy so anyone can get into the mood of taking a ride. Once you get the hang of it, you may even decide you want to compete in some of the drone racing games being offered in different casinos. Not everyone will succeed in those but it is a lot of fun to try. There are many people who practice their driving skills by playing drone racing games.

Another fun thing about these games is the way you can customize your character as well. You can select your color, hair color, eye color, clothing, and more. As you play, you will learn how to drive your car as if it was your own and even upgrade it to something better. Once you upgrade it to the next level you will be able to take on other advanced races. The driver you choose will determine which of the races they will have the most success in.

A Couple Of Games And Play Them Together

If you want a little challenge you can always download a couple of games and play them together. That way you will be able to see who the best driver is. Although you might not win each time, it is always exciting to see who comes out on top in the end. Each game is completely different, so you will be sure to find something that you will enjoy playing.

Final Words

When you are looking for something fun to do in Las Vegas, make sure you check out drone racing. This will keep you busy for a few hours while you can enjoy the other attractions in town. Although it is a great activity to do, you should make sure to take some time to check this one out.

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